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CRV Mission Statement

The mission of Community Resource Volunteers (CRV) is to be a facilitator of resources to meet the needs of the community. The mission of CRV includes the following:

1. To recognize and identify the needs of the community.
2. To identify, recruit, match and organize resources to meet the needs of the members in the community.

3. If necessary, to serve as the facilitator of the identified needs.

CRV resources are defined as:

* People: talents, knowledge, contacts, available time, and interests.

* Facilities, Equipment, etc.

* Funds, money, grants, gifts.

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Music video created by CRV kids about FRIB!
Below is the video that was filmed at the MSU Cyclotron.
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Office Are Located At:
304 N. Brush Street
St. Johns, Michigan 48879
Randy Willett
Board of Directors
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Randy Willett
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