Higgins Lake Memorial Service 2008
Watch and listen to the memorial service at Higgins Lake in 2008
Ovid-Elsie Robotics August 2005
Check out the robotic Mars rover and other robots the students created.
Michigan Ski for Light 2005
Enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the 2005 annual ski outing.
Higgins Lake 2004
Watch all of the events, people, and activities of the 2004 Higgins Lake trip.
Interview - Allie and Lora
Volunteer interview from two of our volunteers.
Interview - Erica
Erica has been the person in charge for 2 years. See what she has to say.
Interview - Adam
Adam, now a professor departs his insight into the Higgins Lake events.
Interview - LeAnn
LeAnn is always full of energy. See what she has to say.
Interview - Mary
Mary has been with CRV and it's activities for a long time. What do you have to say Mary?
Interview - Zach
Camp just wouldn't be the same without Zach. Let's hear it Zach!